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We wanted to introduce ourselves to you and share with you what our company can provide.  We want to reassure you that we will always provide good, efficient and expedient maintenance service.  We strive to always provide quality craftsmanship and customer service.
With that being said, here are the many things that our company can provide…

Flooring installation

Kitchen cabinet installation

Window installation/Door installation

Drywall hanging, taping, mudding, and texturing

Interior and exterior painting

Mowing, weed trimming, and general yard maintenance

Tuck pointing

General cleaning

General property maintenance


Kitchen remodels

Bath remodels

Finish basements

Small to large additions



All service calls in Sioux Falls city limits will have a minimum 1st hour rate charge per call. Service calls outside of Sioux Falls city limits will have an additional $0.68/mile charge. All materials purchased by Carlson Maintenance are subject to a materials surcharge of 25% for any single item under 100$ and 10% on any single item over $100. This material surcharge covers tool replacement costs and miscellaneous supplies not billed. Carlson Maintenance passes along whole sale discounts on most parts purchased. These whole sale discounts are sometimes over 50% in savings for our customers. Cleaning materials are billed out at $2 per one labor hour worked. All after hours calls are billed out at time and a half.

New labor rates effective January 1, 2022 *1 hour minimum charge, materials separate

Maintenance Crew

This crew is very hands on and does the everyday maintenance calls.  From fixing lights, outlets, light plumbing, light drywall repairs, door knob repairs, screen repairs and rebuilds …anything that you can think of, we can do.
Our fees for maintenance are as follows:  (With larger accounts fees can be negotiated)

  • $85.00/1st Hour General Maintenance Service Rate

  • $85.00 + Materials/Every Hour After

  •     $25.00 after hours call out fee, time and a half labor charge, double time on holidays

  • $200/Retaining Walls per Lineal Foot 4' High (Material and Labor included)

Lawn Care

CPM agrees to provide quality workmanship and detail along with the following: 
Lawn Maintenance:                     April (Year)-October (Year)        

  • Weekly mowing and trimming of grounds. 

  • Spring & Fall clean up 

  • Aerating as needed. 

  • Trimming bushes late fall and midsummer as needed. 

  • All grass clippings and debris will be removed from site.

  • Property will be walked at time of mowing and garbage will be disposed of.

Additional spice to your property:

  • $350/Large Flower Pots

  • $75/Per Season Pot Switch

Snow Removal

We have been moving snow for over 20 years and only take on accounts on the west side of Sioux Falls in order to better service our customers. We take all circumstances into consideration and make sure that the snow is moved in a timely manner so that the businesses and complexes can run smoothly and efficiently. 

  • We perform services at 1” of snow or more.  For snow falls less than 1”, snow removal can be requested.  

  • Sand and ice melt will be provided at the request of the client at an extra charge of $1.25 per pound.

  • Keep all fire hydrants open and free of ice buildup.

  • Plow entrance after city plows go by; this will need the cooperation of the customer to notify us.

  • Keep drains open.

  • Provide removal of snow piles if necessary at a charge of $250 per truck load.

  • Parking lot sweep in spring, if needed.

  • Will repair any damages caused by the snowplow or snow blowing crews.

  • Remove snow from garage areas.

Our snow removal will be completed in a substantial and workmanlike manner according to the codes and standard practices for the amounts listed below:
           $60/ per hour for shovel or Snow-blower
           $135/per hour for truck plow
           $170/ per hour for skid-loader
           $255/ per hour for frontend loader
           Ice Melt and Gravel by Request @ $1.45/lb
The balance of the contract and any adjustments will be made on a 30 day cycle. The Invoice is due upon receipt of the bill. Unpaid balances are subject to 2% Finance Charges monthly and a $25 fee monthly. 

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